The Regional Tapestry

The Regional Tapestry at Stenvad Mosebrugscentre is an impressive artwork that weaves together the local history from the Iron Age to modern times in a large tapestry. The piece is filled with “secret” stories waiting to be discovered by both young and old time travellers.

When you visit Stenvad Mosebrugscentre, you have the opportunity to explore this artwork up close and be enchanted by the many details and stories woven into it. Each thread carries a story, and behind the special motifs lies a unique tale waiting to be explored, painting a picture of the region’s rich history.

The Regional Tapestry is an exciting journey through time. There are nearly 200 motifs to hunt for together. Each detail is carefully woven in.

For those who wish to gain a deeper insight into the individual stories and historical events, the book about the motifs behind the tapestry can be purchased at the centre. With the book, you can continue your journey through the region’s history even after you leave Stenvad Mosebrug.

The tapestry is the result of two years of intensive work by a dedicated group of women led by the weaver Annie Bang Sørensen. The motifs were meticulously drawn by Rebecca Bang Sørensen and slowly woven with great patience and precision.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to an artwork that brings the stories of the past to life in the most beautiful way.

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