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  • The Exhibition

    The Exhibition

    TØRVEARBEJDERLIVET  Being a Peat Worker Being a peat worker was a hard and demanding life. Many of the peat workers toiled tirelessly in the bog from early morning until late evening, often in all kinds of weather (though mainly in the summer). They lived with their families in small, uninsulated wooden huts, where they had…

  • The Regional Tapestry

    The Regional Tapestry

    The Regional Tapestry at Stenvad Mosebrugscentre is an impressive artwork that weaves together the local history from the Iron Age to modern times in a large tapestry. The piece is filled with “secret” stories waiting to be discovered by both young and old time travellers. When you visit Stenvad Mosebrugscentre, you have the opportunity to…

  • Machines and Ingenuity

    Machines and Ingenuity

    The unique challenge of working in wet bog areas has required remarkable ingenuity. From simple tools to complex machines, the history of peat digging has been marked by creative solutions and innovative designs that could tackle the specific conditions of the bog. Creativity and Resource Utilisation Working in the wet and soft bog areas placed…

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